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This is basically a sneak peek of my thoughts, ideas, beliefs and feelings. Its going to talk about sports, weed, Funny moments in my life, and crazy moments in my life. I'm 20, I live in Detroit and I love my city. Oh, I also love Music, so if you love music as much as I do than you'll love my blog. Thanks for stopping by....Oh Yeah, If you want to keep up with me when I'm not on Tumblr, Follow Me On Twitter: eLKai_

J Cole & Dreamville - J Cole - Revenge of the Dreamers

This Song on Repeat

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I see the resemblance haha

The Art of Moving On

Schoolboy Q’s Album was impressive.

So many Great songs that I can’t post because they are larger than 10mb


The optical toy, phenakistoscope, was invented by Joseph Plateau in 1841.

This is a dope toy

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Am I the only stoner that’s had a nightmare about breaking my bong/bowl?





I observe my Tumblr and everyone elses as their art. Whether or not you reblog or not, you are putting together specific posts and topics that relate to you. Enjoy my work of Art :)


Come Back Dave Chappelle!! Man its hard having your all time favorite comedian with a tv show one second, and no longer doing comedy another second. But the price of fame is only truly understandable to the celebrities. If you are a conspiracy theorist of some sort, the things you hear Chappelle say in this video is bone chilling. One day the Legend will return…